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Key to Your Success, Career Fulfillment

    1. Details of Our Guarantee

    1. Our Pledge to You

    1. ZOOM Session - 30 minutes

    2. Market Skills Assessment Complete and return to John

    3. Value Brand Statement - Background

    4. Worksheet Form

    5. EXAMPLE of VBS

    1. One-On-One Live PREMIUM Coaching Session (Weekly) We encourage you to set a time at enrollment.

    1. Welcome |Let's Get Acquainted and Plan for Your Success

    2. Chapter 1 - Welcome (What You Will Learn)

    3. An Overview of Your Job Search Plan - AN IMPORTANT READ

    1. Losing Your Job

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Nine commonly asked questions regarding Guiding Your Career

  • 1. How long is my commitment?

    Six months. Your credit card will be charged when you join and on the first of each month for the next six months. Six to eight months is the average time it takes managers and executives to secure a new job. This term ensures you access live coaching sessions and live subscriber-only webinars.

  • 2. Are there any prerequisites for the chapters?

    Yes. COURSE 1. Value Brand Statement - The PREREQUISITE is Your Eulogy 2. Strategic Networking, Part 2 - The PREREQUISITE is Strategic Networking Part 1

  • 3. What if my credit is declined?

    We have all been there. Simply provide a new form of payment to continue your access to the content. Some credit or debit cards will make a second effort for payment.

  • 4. Can I download the course content?

    You can view the courses as many times as necessary during your subscription. Once your subscription expires, access ends. You can renew the option of your choice. You may also purchase additional services such as live coaching sessions.

  • 5. Do you provide a guarantee that I will find a job?

    The vast majority of our clients accomplish their objectives due to our coaching support. No coach can guarantee you will find a job. There are so many factors at play, but our client's preparation through our courses and coaching sessions has played an instrumental role in helping them land a new, better job or to accelerate their career and earnings potential.

  • 6. The whole field of career management and searching for a job is evolving with changes in hiring technology. Will you be providing us updates of these changes?

    Yes. Subscribe to GotAMinute for alerts in addition to our Monday through Friday job search advice. There is no charge for this video service. We will also provide information on our website, www.JohnGSelf.Com.

  • 7. Will you be adding additional courses on career management and related topics?

    Yes. Our first priority is to add the final chapters to Guiding Your Career, which we plan to complete in six weeks after our launch. New courses are already on the drawing boards, including strategies for later careerists and those returning to the work force. We also welcome your suggestions. You can reach our team at [email protected].

  • 8. What if I am dissatisfied with the content?

    You can cancel your subscription within three days. Our site administration will refund your payment.