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    1. Welcome to Your CAREER Community

    1. How To Use the Site

    2. How We Assembled This Membership Course

    3. Schedule Your Live Coaching Session - FOR MEMBERS

    1. Assessment: Today's Digitally Driven Job Market

    2. Value Brand Statement Worksheet

    3. Value Brand Example:

    4. Value Brand Statement Example 2

    1. Copy of Introduction to Course

    2. Copy of Why Me?

    3. Copy of Severance Agreement

    4. Copy of Dealing With Grief

    5. Copy of Action Steps to Prepare for Search

    6. 30-Minute ZOOM Video strategy ca1l with John Self

    1. Copy of Introduction to Course

    2. Copy of 2. Did You Know?

    3. Copy of 3. Can You Compete? Yes, You Can!

    4. Copy of 4. How to Compete

    5. Copy of Focusing on Your All-Important Mission, Vision & Values

    6. Copy of 5. Steps to success

    7. Copy of Questions to Ask During the Recruitment Process

    8. Copy of Epilogue

    1. Copy of Developing Your Career Plan

    2. Career Plan Worksheet copy

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